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As I write this the Wisconsin Primary has just ended. Mitt Romney is now well ahead in the delegate count and cannot be beaten. It's time to end the competition, close ranks, and get behind the inevitable nominee. In this process there is a clear lesson for conservatives mounting election campaigns at every level. Learn that lesson . . .please!
Trade unionists are all liberals and all vote Democrat. Right? Wrong! The union bosses may be died-in-the-wool liberals but that does not mean that the rank-and-file are. What's going on here?  
In 2008 those voters who identified themselves as "Jewish" voted 78% for Obama, the largest ethnic/religious vote after African-Americans to do so. That preference is changing quickly. Jewish voters are moving right.
Immediately prior to the Florida primary the latest polls were predicting the Mitt Romney would take 40% - 43% of the vote. He ended up with just under 47%. How did he beat the street?
Having a temper tantrum in response to a cheap shot is bad. Showing controlled outrage and righteous indignation is good. Newt Gingrich's response to John King of CNN was brilliant.
He has the best campaign organization. He has raised the most money. He is appealing to the middle of the conservative political spectrum. It will not be because of his wealth, or experience, or policies, or history.
Finding conservatives in Manhattan is not easy. We’re a rare breed here. NYC and especially Manhattan are overwhelmingly liberal. But there are a lot of people living here and we knew that some of them had to be young, professional, conservative and yet still love living in New York. There would not likely be many living in the Villages or Chelsea, but maybe a few on UES and the boroughs and a whole lot in the financial district. So we used Facebook to find them.
A few years ago there were a spate of stories about “flash mobs.”  These “mobs” were brought together by social media, they appeared  at some specific location at a chosen time and then they did something. Some danced, some sang, some hugged each other. We saw a news story about one of the early ones that met in Macy’s and we thought, “We could do something like that. Wouldn’t that be fun.”
It’s very hard to defeat an incumbent liberal who has been in office for 20 years and elect a conservative. But here's how a determined group of Tea Partiers and a team of hard-working researchers can make mincemeat out of an opponent’s voting record.
We lost. Not by much but, as they say, close only counts in horseshoes and atom bombs. The real disaster was that we ended up over $400,000 in debt. How? A “series of unfortunate events.”
Telemarketing for donations works but has a high overhead cost. By offering  back-end premium we were able to improve our average gift and reduce the overhead ratio of every dollar raised.
From the 1930’s until the early 1960’s Berma Shave signs could be seen along the highways of America. Seniors remembered them fondly. Our candidate’s name rhymed with Berma Shave, so we made up our own sets of signs.
We learned that our opponent was about to launch a distorted attack campaign based on our candidate’s personal life. We let it happen but prepared. The we hit back very hard and blew them out of the water.
There are two large colleges in our district. One is a liberal arts and science school. The other is run by the Mormons. In the past the Mormons showed very little interest in elections and politics but with the prominent national role of Mitt Romney and more recently of John Huntsman they have become much more interested.
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a golf nut with a good fortune must be in want of a golf tournament. In one day we raised over $100,000 for our conservative State senate campaign – a first-time challenger facing an entrenched liberal incumbent. Here’s how we did it.
The conservative candidate was well-qualified for a position on the Board of Education but came across to the public as “a bit of a dork.” Our goal was to change the candidate’s image so that he became electable

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